Happy New Year! My 2018 in review


After a humbling 2017 marked by what felt like starting over my professional career in New York City, 2018 has been much steadier, with a new job at Wellthy, where I’ve joined an incredible team with an incredible mission. I have so much to be grateful for, but it has to start with Dasha, who I met at the peak (or rock bottom) of my new-job search in 2017 and since, we’ve been inseparable as a team and in finding adventures.

Fittingly, 2018 started with a big New Year’s sunrise at the beach in Guatemala.   20180101_064537

Our first trip of 2018 had us go to Holbox Island in Mexico. 20180301_185605

My new hole-in-the wall apartment/cave in Nolita got it’s share of visitors20180415_14000920180428_01000320180505_11500820180511_20475020180701_192436

Jime and Lowi for a week including Dave Matthews Band Live at Saratoga Springs20180717_212623Always a fun time with the NYC crew20180720_234809



El hermano Rene Zuleta… 2x in NYC!


Weekend escape to Montreal20180729_100322-EFFECTS

P3 crew get-together

Late August trip to Loire and Paris




Wellthy team retreat in October


Luca’s baptism


Dasha’ first sunrise in Atitlan.


Christmas in Guatemala… close family only


Bahamas cruise

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-31 at 11.00.43

New Years in Miami

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-01 at 14.59.44


In my mind and in my Kindle:

  • Is the world getting better or worse? What has driven progress? Read: Enlightenment Now, by Steven Pinker.
  • At a time of so much wealth, why can’t we figure out how to get health, nutrition, and a great education for most children on the planet? And why do good people seem to get so hostile when disagreeing in politics? Why can’t we all just get along? Read: The Righteous Mind, Why good people are divided by politics and religion, by Jonathan Haidt.
  • How to deal with age, as my parents go into their 70’s and I into my 40’s? Read: Being Mortal, by Atul Guwande.


Happy new year to all! Come see me in NYC!

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