About Me

Now living in NYC, I’m writing my thoughts and stories on religion, ethics, truth, and happiness.

I landed here after 13 years of working a desk job, a masters degree and my first experiments as an entrepreneur, I left it all on hold, or maybe behind, to broaden my mind, make new friends, and get into adventures. Ultimately, I think I want to do something that makes the world more fair, more prosper, happier.

I want to blog every couple of weeks with a fun read about my travels, all comments and follows are welcomed.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Buenisimo Pedro! Y excelente el documental al que hace referencia hoy… ahora lo encuentra en Netflix… en el 2000 yo lo encontre en Videoshop y fue fantastico descubrir tanto…

    Le recomiendo este libro, es simple y con una filosofia bastante similar a la suya: La conquista de la felicidad, Bertrand Russell.

    Suerte en todo y siga escribiendo!

    Pao y Chino


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