Am I on the train? Am I driving?

Let’s see how this blogging thing works out…

One year ago I asked my business partner of 12 years for a short meeting; trembling and with watery eyes I stepped into his smallish office, well within view of our staff through the glass “wall”, a symbol of the transparency preached in our company way before we took over management. I can’t think of another instance where I was afraid to share something with Luis, the #1 person I’d pick in a trust contest, the #1 guy I would pick as my brother in arms to go to war with.

“I’ve been reflecting on my life for the past months, I think I might want to make a big change in my life’s path. I’d like to leave my post as GM of Promotores Unity, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently”.  Tears, hugs, a little rage, a lot of compassion and understanding, then some of the stages of grief. Next, telling my other partners, more understanding and a feeling of “it’ll al be OK”, and friendship, thank you Emmett and Tito!

The transition lasted 7 months, with countless memorable interactions with clients, insurers, friends, family and even my competition, wishing me well and praising my work.  But certainly the most special moments were those with my staff, my teammates!, expressing sentiments of love and respect, and a little fear things might not work out.  No disrespect to them, I think I know that team better than they know themselves, I was confident this decision wouldn’t slow us down, and so far, they’ve proven me right.

Throughout those seven months, the recurring question was “why are you doing this?” with the underlying question being “what do I want to do with my life?”

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